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workaholic vs hardworker

20 Differences between a workaholic and a hard worker

Workaholic vs Hard worker (Workaholism vs Working hard) Being a “workaholic” is a glorified status symbol today for many. The ...
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Coworker hates you

How to retort to a coworker who hates you- The 7 A’s approach

Those spooky stares, nasty comments, guilty ignores, negative gossip, petty politics and the invisible behavior, all make it very evident ...
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negative office gossip

Confronting a gossiping peer, boss, subordinate – Quick tips!

Using partial truth and little information to establish them as facts is gossip. People gossip about almost anything, personal lives ...
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Job swapping

8 fundamental benefits of Job swapping at work

No matter how cozy the cocoon might be, one day it must break through and come out of the comfort ...
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phrases uplift employee motivation

16 Magical phrases that every employee needs to hear

As much as motivation elates morale and commitment, lack of it makes employees under-perform and finally leave the job, despite your ...
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Male vs female boss

Male vs. Female boss – 9 reasons why men and women prefer male bosses

"It's hard to work with a female boss", "She's too bossy" "Oh, she is incapable of handling this","Because it's a female boss", ...
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never say things boss

Words you should never say and lines you should never cross- with your BOSS (Self-censoring!)

From extreme spitefulness to great camaraderie, we must have seen it all with bosses. Maintaining a perfect balance of both ...
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passive assertive aggressive test

Passive, Aggressive or Assertive – Test your approach in 5 quick steps

Loading Passive, Aggressive or Assertive? Test your approach in 5 simple steps. Just choose your options and wait for the ...
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Indecisiveness in men vs women- The 4P’s technique to cope with indecision at work

Indecisiveness Your day moves extremely fast. There are plenty of things pulling you from different directions. So, it is common ...
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Pomodoro Technique

The ultimate hack to become more productive – with the Pomodoro technique

If you love your time, it's time to get rid of all other tips you’ve been wrangling with, trying to ...
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