Manager’s Orbit is a holistic learning channel to boost your management wisdom. A portal with a multifaceted approach to help executives in the process of evolving as managers, and managers in evolving as leaders.

Whats in it?

Who is it for? The content is exclusively meant for operational and middle management level (newbies, senior executives and first line managers) in a corporate set-up and small businesses.

Contextually, a broad classification of stages of career/ hierarchy is done as follows, to show the role of Manager’s Orbit.


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Additionally, Manager’s Orbit is introducing a wing to help small businesses, startups to manage their human resources well and optimize productivity.

Why? Pitch into the orbit, to discover several pro-strategies to tackle with your dead-lock career Home - Preparation to progress Manager's Orbitmoments, latest technology and tools, Industry lingo, case studies, cheat sheets, articles, and videos. It helps in understanding the expectations from a manager’s/ employer’s standpoint while sprucing up your managerial skills. When you know what to expect, you prepare, plan, perform and thereby progress.

Better Preparation= Better Progress


The goal is to enable the operational level workforce pursue their desired role, through a structured course and help in evolving as managers.

We will have professional experts from different areas who will contribute to this mission by sharing their experiences.

We attempt to make the information contemporarily relevant and visually interesting.

There may not be any short cuts to success, yet a lil’ prep each day can go a long away! So, help us help you.

In this information world, stickiness to a source of knowledge is a challenge, and that’s why subscribe, to get reminded weekly, when a new post is published.

-Manager’s Orbit
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