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effective delegation

8 steps to effective delegation of tasks

The process of assigning tasks to representatives or subordinates is Delegation. Effective delegation : How well we delegate tasks, entrust responsibility and have the tasks finished defines the success rate and effectiveness of an outcome....

8 basic effective meeting tips

These are the 8 basic effective meeting tips. Also, to know more about what makes meetings unproductive, follow this article Reasons for unproductive meetings        Got more tips? Post your answers below.

Gantt chart uses

Gantt Chart – Uses

Gantt Chart for project planning- Devised by Henry Gantt Gantt chart uses : Useful in project planning process. A visual timeline for tasks/ projects from start-to-finish. Can be used for simple timelines and also complex...

Common reasons for unproductive meetings

Unproductive meetings – reasons Here are the reasons for unproductive meetings. To know more about, how to achieve effectiveness, follow this visual image Basic tips for effective meetings.   To see more like these, go...

Boost productivity

C.R.A.P. principle to boost your productivity

Boost productivity using the CRAP principle C.R.A.P principle Boost productivity by applying C- Commitment to the task at hand R- Recess – Take scheduled breaks A- Allocation of resources and time P- Unwanted Pauses–...

constructive response feedback

The flow of a constructive response to feedback

Constructive response to feedback – The flow View the full article by clicking the following link How to respond to negative feedback constructively, like an expert? Also interesting to see Different responses and consequences of negative...