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negative office gossip

Confronting a gossiping peer, boss, subordinate – Quick tips!

Using partial truth and little information to establish them as facts is gossip. People gossip about almost anything, personal lives ...
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killing innovation

11 Lines used in workplace that accidentally kill employees’ innovation

Due to the box type thinking, there are a lot of ideas strangling in uncertainty, whether it’s “thinking outside/inside of ...
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self induced job stress

Is your stress self-induced? – Manage your job stress in 10 easy ways

What is Job Stress? Job stress occurs due to failure in delivering required results of the job. Reasons for stress ...
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maximizing productivity hacks

Infographic: Maximizing Productivity using these 15 simple hacks

Maximizing Productivity - 15 Simple Hacks: Infographic created, using Piktochart Time, unlike other resources is irreplaceable! Even a fraction of it, once ...
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Maximize productivity hacks

What Boss says vs what boss means – “Boss Decoder” with 31 examples!

Boss says vs. Boss means: The words you hear, and how they get processed in the Wernicke’s area of your ...
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