We all go to work, rushing all day, trying to beat the clock. All of us are busy in our own orbit, juggling between, tasks, people, productivity, change, growth, business, planning, priorities, family, the list goes on.


Through Manager’s Orbit I wish to give you, something that’s fatiguing to focus on, during your 8-hour business day. Whether you are an employee or a small business(a start-up co.) managing employees, follow Manager’s Orbit for two sides of the story.

It’s a preparation to hone your managerial/leadership skills.

All of us have career aspirations, to be and to do something one day. In this competitive landscape, our focus is always on top and not on the journey/ preparation. So, make your journey as exemplary as possible by learning and executing!

NO, you don’t need to pour in hours of your already compact schedule. I emphasize that, “A lil’ prep each day can go a long way”.  Make use of relevant information. You have a choice here because you are the MANAGER of your own orbit.

My mission is to help transform managing process from “phobia” to “futuristic”.

I am committed to make a difference, even as little as a dot, in your career trajectory.

About Manager's Orbit

Being a People’s Manager and a stern believer in team work I am passionate about helping others grow.

I made a special note here, to say how grateful I am to my bosses, peers and the teams I’ve worked with in India, Germany, Singapore and the U.S!

Here I am, diving into the internet, to share my work experience and passion for ‘Management’, with a tinge of humor. During the making of “Manager’s Orbit”, I also discovered my new realm of interest for digital marketing and business development for startup companies. I am associated with a startup called “SciGlo” ( SCIGLO PTE Ltd.) a Singapore based web resource company designed for STEM professionals.

If you wish to be a part of Manager’s Orbit, contact me via our social media channels or through the  Contact form.


I welcome you to subscribe, share and participate, in this channel, by posting  your questions, suggestions, or by sharing your career experiences.

I hope you all will help me make this journey as adventurous, jerky and enjoyable as possible. Because the journey is all that matters!

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Happy Learning!

Rajeshwari Ogirala

Founder- Manager’s Orbit

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