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In this book, you’ll learn….

freshers first job

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A Step-by-step guide to land your first job (31 downloads)

first job freshers job guide

I have no job because I have no experience, because……! Breaking this vicious circle is NOT a tough nut to crack. It needs guidance, robust preparation, digital awareness and resources to precisely understand, your career options and exploring opportunities in your field. (what you want to achieve and where you wish to work).

This workbook intends to take you from …..

“I have zero experience to I am confident I can do this job”.first job freshers job guide

Therefore, the only thing you need at this point is commitment to finish this guide. If you are not on the brink yet, on your career launch, then cease! Save it for later because you don’t want to miss the cryptic tips while skimming through. It needs your time!

Okay, now that you’ve decided to read……there is a process flow which guides you through all the necessary steps you must take to ace your first job interview. This book will provide tips on navigating through these unique challenges.

Here is the flow of necessary steps you must take to ace your first job interview.

first job freshers job guide

So, let us be familiar with some facts first!

Cryptic facts of the hiring process:

There are some rules in the process, you need to be acquainted of, before learning the step-by-step guide!

1.Recruiters are aware that you have little or no experience yet. So instead of feeling intimidated about what you don’t have, focus on what you have. Play with your strengths!!

2. As a job seeker, you don’t need to be submissive and meek. Recruiters hire/need people and people need the job. It’s a mutual purpose, and all are equal.

3.Display confidence and have an open mindset of a beginner.

4.“If all jobs need experience, how can I get that first job when I have zero experience?” That’s partially logical. Not all entry level jobs come with the “experience required” tag. The truth is they mention “0-2 years /1-2 years’ experience is preferable”. There is a difference between, “preferred” and “required”. 50 % of the people drop out on applying just with that one condition (even if they have for ex: 9 months exp). Why? It’s lack of confidence!!

5.Your resume is not necessarily read by a person. Large companies engage software apps to do this job. Hence, make your portfolio pitch-perfect (job-suitable)!

6.Just like it is complicated for you to prove that you are worthy of an opportunity to work, it is equally challenging for the recruiters to trust your abilities based on no practical experience. However, they are knowledgeable, and excel in choosing the right candidates for their company.

So, be prepared to sway it with confidence.

There are many tips and secrets, I am going to share further. So, scroll ahead….

Translating academic achievements into industry requirements

Companies release entry level positions to hire people who are fresh out of college, with great commitment, enthusiasm, stability, confidence, up-to-date academic knowledge, information, modern approach and ample technical and transferable skills. These are your strengths! Let’s learn how to build and translate them into industry job requirements.

first job freshers job guide

Every CEO of a company today, had zero experience before their first job. Recruiters only look for certain attributes in you, that are necessary to operate in a company culture, (in addition to, the essential skills required for the job).

Following is the step-by-step flow of a newbie’s guide to acquiring first job with little or no experience.

Snag it and bag it!

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A Step-by-step guide to land your first job (31 downloads)

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