Ways to create an impact at work Business value+Personal Value

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Often many of us feel under-appreciated and devalued at workplace. Instead of thinking of ways to dodge work or moving out of the company, try ways to increase the impact of your work and your personal value addition.

This value addition can be done in two ways, primarily.

  1. Business Value
  2. Personal Value

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create work impact


Business Value :

Is about aligning your activities and work style to impact many improvement indicators like competitiveness, cost reducing projects, improving sales, process improvements, efficiency, innovation, quality enhancement, better customer feedback etc.

Personal Value :

Is about making your presence a positive influence on business and your peers at work. You achieve this by improving your personal traits like being and behaving well. Coordination, interpersonal effectiveness, positive attitude and many more help enhance your work surroundings.

Conclusion: The key is to do things above and beyond just your job description!

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Rajeshwari Ogirala

Rajeshwari is a writer, Biz Development Manager. Passionate about people and personal development. Believes in sharing her knowledge and instilling positive work culture in people.

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